Bodysugaring Courses

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It is true that there are many other types of sugar paste on the market, but our experience of more than 2 years in teaching this technique, as well as the hands-on with hundreds of clients during these years makes a real difference between our courses and others.

The experience means to know each type of skin, to know exactly what to do considering the skin condition and dermatologic problems, experience means hardworking.

As a plus, Corina Chelu was the first person who brought bodysugaring into Romania officialy within her salon EverGreen Organic Salon in November 2009. She continuously promoted and sustained this technique, having step-by-step many persons addicted to sugaring and to the organic salon, no matter of the competition.

Why to choose the courses Sugar of the Nile taught by Corina Chelu:

  • Our courses are offered in a professional manner, as they were taught by great experts in the domain, 8 hours/day, 2 days consequently.
  • While other products can be very expensive, Sugar of the Nile sugar paste and products are produced on real costs and in big quantities, which means lower prices for you and fast deliveries everywhere in Romania, without any additional taxes.
  • We do not require a minimal number of participants on the bodysugaring courses from a single applicant /salon and no models for practice.
  • The cost of the course is a real one,very competitive,because we understand the necessities of every salon and the current economic crisis from Romania.This dosen’t mean we don’t offer quality,but we also offer understanding.
  • We offer bodysugaring courses everywhere in Romania,at your requirement without additional costs,no schedule of courses,because we understand you need it fast and with efficiency,you want to be the first ones in your city that that offers this customer service(if is the case) or you just want to offer this service as fast as you can to your clients.
  • We offer  internationally recognized diploma as a technician on bodysugaring by Sugar Of the Nile and authorized by Corina Chelu  Master Educator Bodysugaring.
  • We also offer you bonuses and special  prices for firm orders wich will make you offer good prices for your customers.
  • We do not have order limit,our prices are in Ron and are made in accordance with the inflation in Romania.
  • Online promotion,outdoor and indoor salons/ authorized tehniciens in all environments that promotes EverGreen salon,wich will bring clients in your salons.
  • We are here in Romania,contact us for more information and tomorrow you can participate to bodysugaring courses.

Courses calendar: 

courses calendar


Corina Chelu: founder and manager of Salon Organic EverGreen,Master Educator for the Sugar of the Nile.

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E-mail: [email protected]